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MOBILE DISTRICT CODE: HIDOE or select state "Hawaii"

As previously announced, starting with the 2016-2017 school year, the Hawaii State Department of Education student information system, Infinite Campus, will provide parents with the ability to view their secondary school child(ren)’s academic information through the Infinite Campus Portal.


Logging onto this web-based system will permit you to view the following real-time information about your child:

  • Attendance
  • Grades
  • Class Schedules
  • Assignments



Infinite Campus Portal Help Guide:  --> Infinite Campus Portal for Parents and Students
Did you know that you can access Infinite Campus on your Smart Phone?
Mobile App Help Video: -->
I'm getting a password reset page.  What should I do?
Please click on the file link below so that you can clear the reset password page and go forward into Infinite Campus.  The reason you see that page is because it allows you to reset your password through your email in case you forget it.  The file is the instructions on how to move forward from that page.
What is the address of the Infinite Campus Portal?
Are there directions for students to gain access information?
If students are new to the HIDOE they may request a user account --> HERE
I forgot my password where should I go?
You may request a reset using this link: -->
My child switched HIDOE Schools.  How do I request another account?  Or do I need to?
If you had an Infinite Campus account and your child was in any HIDOE school your account remains the same.  You will continue to use the account username and password combination.  Same username and password combinations for students moving from Elementary to Secondary schools as well.
I still have some questions who can I contact?
Please send inquiries and questions to: [email protected]