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Hello and welcome,
My name is Ken Kang and I am currently the tech coordinator at Aiea High School.

I am a 1992 alumni here at Aiea High and I have a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering and a Post Baccalaureate in Secondary Education Degree.

My hobbies include the following:
* first and foremost with my Asian background I enjoy the Martial Arts. In fact I am a disciple of our Martial Arts School - Gee Yung Chinese Martial Arts World Sar Ping Dragon & Lion Dance Sports Association. Our website is listed here

* totally into anything fast and quick - but due to recent concerns did let go of my Suzuki GSXR. Have to say that I miss it. But, don't want to miss out in Life.

* thoroughly enjoy Software Engineering. Have picked up on many different programming languages - C, C++, Java, Perl, PHP, HTML just to name a few.

* sci-fi is my kind of thing. The imaginations of bringing fiction and non-fiction together is quite interesting to me :).

How did I end up at Aiea High?
I did work in the Engineering field for some time and have to admit that the one company that I worked for Square Pictures/USA was one that I will miss. Square USA is a Japanese Based Company which specialized in video games. They are particularly known for their "Final Fantasy" series. And they built a movie studio right here in Hawaii. It was my dream to work for them and I was given that opportunity. In 2000, I was hired and worked there as the Systems Engineer. Although I put in some hours there, as I was oncall 24/7 I enjoyed every minute of it. Now at the same time that I worked there I was asked, by one of my teacher Mentors, Mr. Wayne Tokuhama, to assist the career and technical department here at Aiea High. This was my first experience in the educational workforce. Little did I know that this would be a turning point in my life. In 2002 Square USA officially closed their doors as earnings of our movie "Final Fantasy the Spirits Within" did not cover the production cost of the film. We were trying very hard to maintain our facilities here and were able to do a project with the "Matrix (the movie with Keanu Reeves) called "The Flight of the Osiris" the prequel to the Matrix series, but eventually could not keep our doors open. It was at this time that I pondered about what my options should be. Look for another engineering job or... wait I've been working at my alma mater and it's been rewarding to give back to Aiea and to the students there. I made my decision and decided to get a teaching degree and began teaching here. Some might say that why don't you want to make more money as a engineer? Then I'll say it isn't about money, it's all about relationships and enjoying what you do. I thoroughly enjoy working here at Aiea High and seeing even a difference in one student, one teacher makes my day!

What are my goals?
Etiquettes of Technology or what I like to call EtiqTech! I do enjoy technology and admit that I'm one of those that need to have the latest gadgets and gizmos. But, as I see the news and read about society... I've come to the realization that technology is society's social downfall. We use technology so much that it lowers our social interactions and we also lose some of our human abilities (memorization, common sense skills, etc) Think about this - how many times do you go to a restaurant or any place and what is the first thing that you see? People have their heads down looking at their phones, tablets. What's worse is that it has become our favorite tools for baby sitting. Yes, it's so easy, it can keep your child busy while you finish up on some work or even for you to catch up on twitter or Facebook or catch the latest buzz on Instagram. It's not crazy to see how this has limited how our children behave in our world. I am from an old school version of respect and thoroughly believe in respecting our elders even if they are 1 second older than me. But you don't see that anymore! Why is that? It's because all of the social media do not enforce Etiquettes of using them! We are allowed to shout, scream, in big bolded letters, we can say whatever we want and no one can say anything about that... so ironic! So we can't blame our children, we can only look at what society is headed toward. Hence, I find myself looking into ways of teaching the Etiquettes of technology (EtiqTech) so that we don't lose our most naturally human trait our social being. It's a research that I'm passionate about and do see that we can use technology, but use it in a way to develop our children in respectable, compassionate social beings!

This is a little about me and do hope that you have the opportunities to view the pages of our other faculty members. As we have our own stories to tell.
Aloha and Blessings to you all!

Wanted to list some of teachers who had influenced my decision to become a teacher:
Mr. Wayne Tokuhama - retired
Mr. Edmund Okada - still teaching here at Aiea
Mr. Jonathan Yasuda - retired

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