Student Withdrawal Procedures


  • Parent/guardian and child must be present when withdrawing the child from Aiea High.
  • A withdrawal form must be signed by parent and indicate the reason for the withdrawal.  Parent/guardian will need to provide the picture ID (a copy will be made).
  • To complete the withdrawal in a timely manner it is recommended to withdraw the student when school is in session, and allow for two days for the student to clear.
    • Teachers and/or offices may be unavailable during non-school hours.

Student Withdrawal / Record Transfer Form (student)

  • Student must return all textbooks/materials issued by Aiea High School and notify teachers of their withdrawal from Aiea High.
    • Teacher to indicate on form of missing textbook or classroom obligations.
  • Students having current and outstanding obligations will not be prohibited from withdrawing, but no official documents will be available until obligations are cleared.
    • Class fees
    • Overdue books
    • Damaged books
    • Lost textbooks
    • Lost library books
    • Uniforms

Completing withdrawal

  • When all forms, (parental withdrawal, student withdrawal record), are all complete with appropriate signatures and notices, parent or student will be provided a set of unofficial documents to assist with enrollment to next school.
    • Unofficial transcript
    • Schedule of courses
    • Public School Health record
    • Latest report card and/or withdrawal grades
    • Obligations

For questions and concerns please contact the registrar's office at (808) 305-6522.
Or send email to the registrar: here