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Student Services Coordinator
Major Duties and Responsibilities
 • Coordinate appropriate educational and related programs and services to all students.
• Develop and implement a coordinated student support system within the school with other staff, which contains prevention and intervention strategies and services.
• Convene and facilitate Student Support Team and Eligibility meetings.
• Provided liaison services for the school to community public and private agencies and services.
• Participate as a member of the Complex Peer Review and Quality Assurance Committee to ensure the delivery of appropriate mental health services.
• Collect, maintain, and report student information and data.
• Appropriately administer academic educational assessments and participate during initial and re-evaluation process as a member of the Student Support Team in decision making.
• May appropriately serve as the Principal’s designee in Student Support Team Meetings for children with disabilities.
• May assist the principal in authorizing and coordinating appropriate related services for children with disabilities.
• Obtain contracted professional services to facilitate the timely delivery of support and services to students.
• Identify and map-out school and community resources serving students and families. • Participate in professional development activities and help to disseminate information to staff.
• Assist students and families in accessing necessary services and supports.
• Supervise paraprofessional personnel.
• Provide other related duties and tasks.